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"The 92.00 cable package totals 120.64 per month. That's $1447.68 a year to watch TV a year or $4.02 a day. Over 5 years at the current rate $7238.40.

Now that's a nice used car! Or imagine every 5 years a vacation to South America Alaska and Hawaii. Or in savings account. Perhaps invest it and triple the money!

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Cutting the Cable TV Cord

According to a recent ​​​​​​​​​​report by SNL Kagan​​​​​​​​​​, 12 million households, roughly 10% of cable viewers, are ​ ​expected to "cut the cable TV cord" (cancel cable, satellite or telco video service) by 2015. We are called "cord cutters" and this website is a resource of information for those that would like ​ ​to become one.​ 
Cord Cutting

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Hundreds of Movies

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Thanks so much. I'm in my 50's, been around, and without question, your site is the most appreciated and satisfying product (with biggest bang for buck), I've ever purchased. Phil I place your service in a lofty category with YouTube and Google Earth as far as being useful modern day wonders for those of us common folks hooked to and on the internet.   Thanks again.  Larry

Hi Dick, This has been a good investment for me, especially all the games that are available.  Keep up the good work.  saxiecat
Thanks so much Dick, This is fun, much better than PC satellite TV!!!
       Thanks again,  Anne from Alberta Canada

Thank you for your kindness and consideration. I am so glad to use this service. It's become second nature. And yes, I am a Celtics and Red Sox fan. Don't have to pay for NESN. Thanks again and take care.
I paid my fee and have been enjoying your site for around a year or more and have really enjoyed it. I just want to say GREAT JOB and THANK YOU.   TJ
Hi Dick,
Thanks for the info. I believe it was you who worked me through and after our session, everything looks good. You guys are really helping us out. Thanks again. Albert
Hi I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much i enjoy your service.  I just renewed my subscription.  I have truly enjoyed everything i have watched.  You have a customer for life,  Thank you John

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